Isi, of isimarshallfit brings you the I-UNIT. 2-plans in one, focusing on either strength or endurance, you have your say in what direction you take your training. Simply sign up, say which plan you want to go on, and follow the workouts assigned to you in the app. 


Become your strongest and most confident self with the 6-week STRONG training program. 

Workout 5 days a week, using a combination of hypertrophy and strength training. This program will help you improve your lifts, focusing on progressive overload to provide you with the best results and the tools necessary to perform safely. Suitable for all levels, whether you’re just starting your weightlifting journey or if you’ve been training for years, this program is for everyone. 


Join LEAN for a 6-week program to improve your cardio and muscular endurance. 

Using high-intensity circuit style training, this program is designed to transform your fitness. It can be tailored to all levels, as you push yourself to YOUR limits and watch as you reach your fitness goals. With 5 sessions per week, all under 1 hour, this is a program that is suitable for everyone, even those who are always on the go.

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