Welcome to the WFH daily training package. This is everything you need to improve your training from home

Whats included: 

  • Daily workouts, programmed by one of our coaches 
  • Access to the multiply performance platform
  • Goal Setting
  • Track your nutrition, well-being, and achievements
  • Performance projections, based on workload

If you have any concerns about your health/ ability to participate in this package or feel you would benefit from greater coach support, please get in touch to discuss things further. 


Sign Up to xHOME

You will be charged £5 a month.
Your first regular payment will be on 01st December 2020.
You will immediately pay a pro-rata amount of £1.01.

I authorise Multiply Performance LTD (or Multiply Performance LTD on behalf of my Personal Trainer) to send instructions to the financial institution that issued my card to take payments from my card account in accordance with the terms of my agreement with you.