• FOMO: The Fear of missing out.

This term gets thrown around quite a lot these days. But missing out on what? In society today, we place so much emphasis on instant gratification, nights out, parties, film nights, or meals out that we forget the bigger picture. I often see people skipping out on the work they need to do, missing study days or gym sessions because of FOMO. When we discuss FOMO, we rarely discuss the fear of missing out on our potential and achieving the goals we have set for ourselves in life. By all means, go out, have fun, live life. Life is about balance, after all. But remember that every choice you make will either lead you towards your goals or away from them so reflect on this when making your decisions.

The issue with FOMO is that it places fear at the heart of our motivation. It may sometimes seem as though every choice requires a sacrifice. As we opt for one path, we miss out on the other, so either you sacrifice your goals or you sacrifice your night out. If we look at life in this way, we will always focus on the things we have missed. Instead, I would encourage you to look at the positives you have chosen, the opportunities you have given yourself and the growth you have made. We don't have complete control in life, but we can control our actions in such a way that gives us the best chance of getting where we want to go.

In summary, is FOMO a bad thing? Not necessarily! It is just about reframing things so that FOMO helps us to recognise the things we want instead of being a motivator for our choices. FOMO is unavoidable. In a world which presents endless opportunities for excitement, we will always feel as though we have missed out on something. This is why it is important to appreciate the things we have, so we can accept the sacrifices it has taken to get us to where we are.

Posted in Lifestyle on Dec 22, 2020