Welcome to Multiply Performance

The Mission

To help those with limited time achieve unlimited results in health, fitness and life.

This all started with one simple question: 

How do I help my clients get the most from their training? 

As a coach, I believe my role is to be a catalyst for change, facilitating others in achieving their own definition of success. I wanted to build a system that allowed me to cater to all of my clients, making it as easy as possible to reach their goals. I have put so much into this; a decade of work, experience and research, with countless iterations and hundreds of client results. Now we're here.

What I do! 

I provide in-person and online coaching to clients ranging from international level athletes to recreational gym users using my own custom-built app to track and monitor all aspects of performance. I also work directly with coaches, helping them build their own successful fitness businesses. My goal is to help as many people as possible, working collaboratively with other members of the fitness community to ensure that every athlete, client and enthusiast, gets the most they can from fitness.  

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