Who Am I?

Just another trainer and self appointed guru spreading his mantra on health, fitness and the meaning of life

I'm a big believer that life is about progress, be that personal or cultural, pursuing goals we are passionate about and in so doing, permitting and motivating others to do the same. The goal of this site  is to provide an insight into my exploration of the field of fitness, mapping my development as a coach and as a man in the hope that you will gain knowledge that may feed your ambitions.

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My Mission

Helping those with limited time achieve unlimited results in health, fitness and life

I love ambitious people, regardless of their field they inspire me, feeding my need for competition and providing opportunity for understanding and collaboration. These are the people that excite me, that I choose to surround myself with and that I want to help. The issue faced by these people is clear, time poverty, they want to excel in everything they do without limiting themselves as to what they can pursue; yes they want to train, but they don't want this to stand in the way of their career, their travel, their study, their lives! This issue has given rise to my training method, combining the systematic approach utilised by elite athletes with the latest science in HIIT. I'm focused on making training simple, sustainable and success driven.

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Moving against mediocrity

I want to help people change their lives so that they can change the world

The fitness lifestyle is hugely beneficial to those who engage in it improving health, cognition, motivation and productivity. For this reason I want to provide the opportunity for as many people as possible to engage in it, but further to this I want to challenge the rhetoric that all people are selfish, altering the way in which we collectively view the transactional nature of our relationships, building a community around the fitness lifestyle. This right here is an experimental movement in social currency, providing anybody with the opportunity to attend classes for free while organising volunteering efforts to help vulnerable individuals in our area.

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The Team

Working with others to build a better future

The fitness industry, though competitive provides a lot of room for collaboration. The idea that one man or one model can provide the ultimate solution for every individual on the planet is just idiotic. For this reason I have joined forces with coaches, instructors, yogis, therapists and fitness lifestyle brands that share my ethos but not necessarily my approach. This network allows us to share information and expertise while the independent, competitive nature of each member breeds creativity as individuals assimilate new knowledge into their approach. I love working in this way, and feel it provides a great support network for clients and coaches alike.

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