Goal setting is such a powerful tool for life, giving us direction, and motivating us to keep moving forwards. Here are a few tips I use to help my clients.

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Start from a place of acceptance:

When setting goals, it is essential to understand where we are, all the mistakes we have made, and all the positive decisions that have led us to where we are. This acceptance is a key step. Only when we are here can we truly set goals, planning on moving towards something positive instead of running from a negative.

Build a dream:

Set a goal, make it big, then make it bigger! Tie it into your lifestyle, and think about who you want to be once you have achieved your goal. Make this goal exciting as it is this excitement that will help you make the sacrifices necessary to achieve it.

Break it down:

Once we understand where we are trying to get to, its time to break it down. Set three long-term goals that will support you in achieving your dreams, then break these down into a series of medium-term goals that will act as stepping stones.

Set SMART short term goals:

Set a series of short term goals that can be achieved in less than two weeks. Make sure they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based. Then set out an action step or series of steps to help you achieve these goals and start one.

Allow flexibility:

As hard as we try, we will never have complete control of all of the variables. Sometimes we will have to adapt our behaviours and our timelines to unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes the things we want, and the priorities we have will change. Both of these situations are fine, and when taken as part of the long term plan, short term struggles begin to lose their importance. Goal setting is excellent for keeping us on track. Still, it is essential that we live in the moment, adapt to the situation in front of us, and regularly evaluate our motives and goals, so they continue to serve the person we are becoming as opposed to the person we were.

Posted in Lifestyle on Dec 21, 2020