The Ethos

Building a community around fitness

I believe fitness can form a solid foundation for a community, encouraging self development, well-being and providing the opportunity for individuals to support one and other as they strive to achieve their goals.   

Athletics not Aesthetics

I believe that the primary goal of training should be to improve fitness. By working on markers of athletic performance we can make consistent progress with gains in fitness translating into physical changes, increasing muscle mass and improving body composition. By focusing on performance, appreciating our body for what it can do, it's far easier to understand the necessity for fluctuation in body shape, understanding the physical changes that are happening in your body for the positive outcomes they bring both on and off the court. 


Collaboration not Competition 

I believe business is about collaboration, creating synergies that provide the best possible product for a collective client base. I want to work with coaches, cafes, restaurants and lifestyle businesses to build a true sense of community around fitness.

A note on sustainability. 

I want to help empower people to live as sustainably as possible, encouraging individuals to introduce healthy habits that align with this goal. I want to work with brands and charities to find ways that I can provide information and promote solutions that help build a better world.