Head Coach, Scientist and Recovering Athlete

I don't care if you've been told it is unrealistic, I want to know what it is that excites you! What gets you out of bed in the morning! What drives you to push harder than your peers. That is what you are training for! That is what makes it all worthwhile!


Just another one of those internet-based, fitness gurus, preaching a miracle solution for fat loss, muscle gain and well-being! During my degree program, where I was regularly mistaken for a neanderthal in a lab-coat, culminated in 2012, and I quickly began applying my new found understanding working with international level athletes. I now work with my clients, utilising the skills I have learnt as an athlete, coach and scientist, to help them achieve stupidly ambitious goals within the constraints of the modern business lifestyle.  


Quote I live my life by: 

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

Why I Train: 

Structure, Energy, Concentration and Mood, I use training to challenge me, testing my commitment to improve while the fitness lifestyle forms a foundation on which I can build upwards in all areas of my life.

My Goals: 

In Fitness: 

Deadlift 250kg, backflip, dunk again, power snatch 100kg, Climb Kilimanjaro, and learn the elusive no handed handstand.

In Life: 

Complete my PhD thus becoming Doctor X, master time travel and replace Pinky's sidekick in the quest for world domination


What I Have to say: 

I’m Xabi, Head Coach here and leader of the #40minutefitness revolution. Over the past decade, I have watched fad diets and fitness regimes come and go, what remains is science. I have had the opportunity to analyse and apply cutting edge findings in my capacity as an athlete, instructor, coach and scientist, working with truly inspiring individuals from the Worlds of elite sport, business and politics. What I provide for my clients is the culmination of more than 14 years of research, practice and competition, I've cut out the nonsense provided by the rest of the industry, providing a holistic, personalised approach to training for #HighPerformanceLiving.

My Videos: