Hi, I'm Xabi, recovering athlete turned personal trainer and head coach at Multiply Performance. I have over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry, working with international level athletes across a number of sports including basketball and squash. I take a performance-first philosophy when it comes to training, focusing on improving markers of fitness as a way of achieving other goals that surround the industry. Fitness is one of the few domains where you control all the variables, so your effort and commitment define your outcome. I don't care if you've been told it is unrealistic, I want to know what it is that excites you! What gets you out of bed in the morning! What drives you to push harder than your peers. That is what you are training for! That is what makes it all worthwhile! As a coach, my role is to facilitate you in achieving your ambitions. Together we will analyse your goals, break them down into manageable action steps and build a plan that pushes you through them safely and efficiently.  


  • 2:1 BSc Sports and Exercise Sciences
  • NASM: Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training
  • Level 3 Certifciate in Sports Conditioning
  • Level 3 Certifciate in Nutrition
  • Level 3 Certifciate in Exercise Referral
  • Level 6 Sports Nutrition Advisor
  • Level 6 Clinical Weight Loss Consultant
  • Level 2 Certificate in Life Coaching


I offer a number of packages, including remote training solutions, personal training and small group training, sold as monthly subscriptions so you know exactly what you are paying and when.

Remote training solutions

Remote coaching is perfect for anyone looking for structure and accountability and with three options to choose from, there is bound to be a plan that fits your needs. My Online Coaching package, gives you direct access to me, with a bespoke training plan, fortnightly check-ins and online support. If you want a little more, the enhanced coaching package includes advanced nutrition guidance, as well as weekly check-ins. Meanwhile, if you are just looking for a bit of structure to your training, why not sign up to the Unit plan, which gives you access to my group training plan, following a fully periodised cycle, designed to make you look, feel and perform better.

Package Price/Month
Unit £30
Online Coaching £150
Enhanced Coaching £250

Personal Training

My personal training packages work a little differently. At the start of each month you decide how many training slots you want to do a week, booking out set times and days. These session slots are then yours for the duration of the calendar month. Slots are 40 minutes in duration. Beyond this you will also have access to all aspects of the online coaching package.

Package Price/Month
2 Slots/Week £300
3 Slots/Week £400
4 Slots/Week £500
6 Slots/Week £650
8 Slots/Week £800

Small-Group Training [Coming Soon]

Group coaching is great for those that want more of a push, in a friendly, competitive coach-led environment. You will be able to book into group sessions through the multiply performance app, with sessions lasting 80 minutes, following the UNIT periodised plan. Furthermore, you will have access to the programming through the App so that if you can't make a session for whatever reason, you will be able to catch up.

Package Price/Month
2 Slots/Week £200
4 Slots/Week £350


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