Coach, Athlete, Sustainabilty Crusader

Hi, I'm James Peach

Doncaster escapee, professional squash player and MSc student. My background in sport has given me so much, teaching me valuable lessons that I have taken with me into other areas of life. I am a big believer that exercise is an essential part of life, reducing the rate of illness, injury, and mental health issues, while giving us an opportunity to better are ourselves in ways that increase productivity, energy and confidence. This is why I became a coach. I want to help people to progress, to become more productive and to achieve their goals.

My Achievements:  

  • 3x British Junior Champion.
  • 10 England Caps.
  • 3 PSA Closed Satellite wins.
  • 2x PSA 5K semi-finalist.
  • Current Ranking 218 (Highest World Ranking).
  • BA Geography (University of the West of England).
  • Currently doing a masters in Sustainability.

My Goals:

  • Move into the top 200 in the world. 
  • Win first PSA 5K.
  • Finish masters this year.