Terms and Conditions

Understanding your membership.

Welcome to the most exciting part of your sign-up process, the Terms and Conditions. Below I have outlined the basic rules that our agreement follows. I built these plans with an emphasis on commitment and consistency, in order to provide you as a client with great value and results. As part of this contract I promise to work with you, supporting you to the best of my ability in achieving your goals, and I can't wait to get started!

1.0 Fee Charging Policy

2.0 Client Health Agreement

This section outlines your responsibility for your own safety in the training environment. Your coach will attempt to push you to achieve as much as possible within the confines of what they believe to be safe, however if you feel at any point that you are being pushed beyond your limits, or feel your safety is compromised you will alert your coach immediately. In agreeing to these terms you warrant, declare and acknowledge that:

3.0 Collection and use of Personal Data:

It is integral to your coaching agreement that relevant personal data can be collected in order to maintain accurate records with regards to your health, minimise injury risk, build effective training programs and track your progress. Some data we request is essential and you will not be able to continue your agreement without submitting it. Other data is optional, but will allow your coach to have a more accurate understanding of how your training and nutrition plan is working. Data collected will be: 

3.1 By submitting your application you consent to:     

4.0 Available Plans

4.1 Multiply Performance Plans

4.2 Coach-Managed Plans

5.0 Services Included

6.0 Intellectual Property

7.0 Cancelling your Membership: