The Plan

Whats included?

  • Choose from 3 Daily workouts, programmed by Xabi 
  • Access to the multiply performance platform
  • Goal Setting
  • Track your nutrition, well-being, and achievements
  • Performance projections, based on workload
  • 6 Live Class a week available through instagram (free to everyone)

The Workouts

We have listened to feedback from our online clients, and now give you the opportunity to tailor your training plan. Select your combination of workouts at your training level to build a more customised plan. 


Mondays and Thursdays

Speed: Fast paced class, aimed to improve speed and agility through a variety of dynamic movement patterns.

Plyo: Combining plyometric actions, bounds and jumps, with strength moves to help develop power and coordination. Perfect for sports people and lifters.

Skill: Low impact sessions built to develop body control. Move with strength, efficiently through a full range of motion. 


Tuesdays and Fridays

Endure: 30’ cardio circuit, designed to get your heart pumping from the comfort of your living room.

Strength: Combining a variety of muscular actions and different tempos, using different contraction types and strength training strategies to develop strength endurance, hypertrophy and muscle tone.

xCore: 30’ Core workout focused on developing strength in all planes of motion. Core strength is the key to effective movement 


Wednesday and Saturdays:

Ab Blast: cardio and core combine to help you shred fat, build strength and improve posture in this 30’ blast. 

Grind: This session is about more than just overwhelming your physical capabilities, it is designed to break you, helping test your motivation and drive to keep moving. Not for the faint hearted!  

Restore: A mobility focused class helping to boost recovery so you can keep moving forwards. Each session will be made up of 2 parts, one focused on targeted-mobilisation of a joint or movement pattern, the other a full-body flow to restore movement and washout metabolites. 



Restore: As above.


Workouts will be made available to you through the multiply performance platform and can be accessed on your phone, tablet or computer.

Is this right for you?

These sessions are programmed in keeping with our 40 minute philosophy, maximising the training stimulus while minimising training time. Workouts are designed to be fun, challenging and progressive, providing a different training focus week after week. These plans have been designed by experts and will definitely keep you moving in the right direction, however, if you have any further requirements, want a more bespoke solution or feel you would benefit from more support, please be aware that each of our coaches offer more personal packages through their pages. 

Meet the Coaches


How do I sign up?

Click the sign up button on this page and enter the required details! 

Where can I access the livestream home workouts?

The live workouts will be hosted over on Instagram live (accessed through my Instagram story).  I’ll be doing the sessions myself and would love to see you there too!  

What equipment do I need for the at home workouts?

Absolutely no equipment is needed for the home workout plan.  The only thing you’ll need is a little space to move around (And occasionally a chair). We may occasionally use other props, but these will not be essential to perform any of the moves. 

Are the sessions in the home workout plan high impact?

Some of the workouts will have high impact moves however I will be offering a low impact workout everyday and will offer alternative exercises during the livestream sessions so you won’t miss out. 

Will the sessions be too hard for me?  I’m a beginner.

I’ll be offering beginner, intermediate and advanced versions of every workout! If you feel like you need an easier variant you can message me on instagram, or email me here. I am on hand to answer questions and would love to hear your feedback on the sessions. 

Will the sessions make a lot of noise?  I live above other people.

If you are concerned about the level of noise you can try the low impact versions of the daily sessions!  These shouldn’t involve too much jumping so you can stay friends with your neighbours!

Do I have to sign up every month or do I enter into a rolling contract?

Your payment will be made via a direct debit (1st of each calendar month) but you can cancel at any time through the payments section of your members portal.

I’m struggling to access my sessions - can you help?

Simply log in to your members portal by signing in here.  Then go to the Training tab which will show you your training calendar with links to each of your sessions. 

Remember - you can view your sessions on your laptop, tablet or mobile!

Do you offer personalised training plans?

Yes!  all of our coaches also offer more personal solutions, you can find more out about these in their coaching profiles which can be found here.